Throwing Your Life Away?

I am 54 years old, and used drugs heavily and daily for 35 of those 54 years. I was the classic “functioning addict.” I worked, held a good job, and abused drugs every day. I had everyone including myself fooled. In recent years I began to hear an inaudible voice. “Craig, why are you throwing your life away? I have so many gifts yet to give you, and so much more for you to do.” I am convinced it was God speaking, but I continued to use.
A routine health screening indicated that finally after all those years, the drugs were taking it’s toll. I was finally forced to make a choice: sobriety, health and life or drugs, illness and an early death. I needed drug addiction treatment and I chose sobriety, health and life. I have not had a drink or used drugs in ten months. How did I do this? I got my ass up, found the nearest drug treatment center and dove in headfirst. Where I landed was at a high-end residential drug treatment center. I opened my ears, shut my mouth and listened for the first time in many many years. What I heard was “hope,” and today I am hopeful.

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