Heroine addiction:

Heroin addiction can have serious consequences for both the addict and their family. Probably the most addictive drug available on UK streets, heroin acts as a very strong painkiller, producing feelings of safety and wellbeing. However, heroin withdrawal symptoms are severe and can trap users in a cycle of always needing to find the next “fix”. Heroin users also face the risk of overdose. This is partly because it’s impossible to tell how strong (pure) a batch of heroin is, and because heroin produces sedative effects. For example, addicts may choke on their own vomit as heroin suppresses the body’s natural cough reaction. If you’re a heroin addict, admitting or recognizing your addiction is the hardest step. But take that vital first step, and we will help you beat your drug problem.  The individual and flexible recovery program was just right for me – with time to reflect as well as participate in group and individual sessions, I cannot praise the staff enough. All seemed committed to aiding my physical and mental recovery and tailored the program to meet my needs, where that could be achieved without detriment to others. The elimination of dogma and unnecessary distraction from the program helped me to focus on the issues important to me and, I believe, have given me my best chance of permanent sobriety.

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