Getting to a Dangerously Bad Point

At an addiction treatment program you can find out a lot about yourself. Addiction treatment takes you places that you never thought you’d go and it brings you back a changed person. I was an idiot once in my life and as that idiot, I got addicted to drugs. I did a lot of drugs back then. It was kind of fierce. I got to a really bad point to where I didn’t know how long it would be before I died. Yeah, it was really that bad. I thought that I could handle my buzz, but my buzz became the hardest thing that I had ever endured. That was when I went to the addiction treatment program. Making the addiction treatment program work soon became the hardest thing I had ever endured. It was a very hard thing to do. I really had to learn a lot about myself and how I got caught up in the whole drug addiction thing. It was hard to be that honest about the things that I had screwed up on. I guess that was the beauty of the addiction treatment program. It made me stronger than I had ever been able to be.

Drug rehabilitation ain’t easy by any stretch of the old imagination, but it is definitely worth a fair shake. Lots of people act like they have got it all figured when it comes to talking about it, but you know they ain’t saying shit. People say that it’s a scam and they say that it isn’t really successful. Yeah, whatever idiots! People are dumb and it’s not our fault. Take solace in that. Really, it’s all you’ve got. Even though there millions of people like us who know that drug rehabilitation successfully turns people’s lives around, there are always going to be those chosen fools who will remain naysayers. That’s just life. You know another great name for naysayers is haters. Yeah! There will always be haters out there. So what?! Don’t worry about them and worry about yourself or that loved one who’s suffering from drug addiction. That’s what’s really important in the first place. Let the haters talk. That’s what they do. If haters aren’t doing their jobs, then you should be worried. Get help or get help for that loved one. Who cares what anyone else thinks about what the hell you are doing. Get it done. Time waits for no man.

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