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Orange County, Newport Beach, California

If you are currently seeking treatment in a drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program for persons suffering from drug addiction, chemical addiction, and alcohol addiction, we can be of major assistance to you. Located just steps from the sand in Newport Beach, Newport Coast Recovery is a California drug rehab center which has created an affordable rehab facility that offers a full therapeutic range of programs for individuals who suffer from alcoholism or alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and chemical abuse.

California Alcohol Rehab ProgramsWhy choose our alcohol rehab program?

We offer complete drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation programs lead by our highly experiened team of addiction counselors concerning individuals in need of detoxification, primary 24-hour 7-days per week residential treatment programs (inpatient rehab program), outpatient treatment services, or a comprehensive drug rehab program of extended care, in a highly structured, supportive and safe “sober living” environment. For more information, please continue to search this site for answers to your questions and concerns.

California Drug Rehab ProgramsWhy choose our drug rehab program?

Those of you who find themselves in an urgent or crisis situation, please call our HOTLINE immediately for assistance: 1-800-990-9691. Contact Newport Coast Recovery in Newport Beach today to see how our drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs can assist you to find a comprehensive solution, and a future for persons in need of a structured therapeutic environment to become well again.

Drug Addiction Drug AbuseEnter the drug addiction free zone Thank You for visiting the most successful and affordable Drug Rehab Programs and Alcohol Rehab center in Newport Beach, California

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