Being Sober is one of the Best Successes I’ve ever had

My name is Barbara and I’m a 26 year old drug abuser. I have had a lot of success at a drug abuse treatment center. First of all, being sober is one of the best successes I have ever
had. Because of great, loving drug abuse treatment I have been sober for 62 days so far and its been great. I have learned how to confront my drug abuse and now I’ll be able to confront any situation I might walk into and be able handle it in the right way. The people at my rehab are fantastic. Afterwards, I felt like a whole new person. I felt more active, more awake, and more ambitious. I never thought I could conquer my substance abuse, bit I did and I am a happy recovering addict. Treatment taught me how to live again. I can’t wait until I have a chance to give back to others just as they have helped me. I want to thank all of the staff and students here for helping me get my life back. If you ever need any help, for any drug or alcohol abuse, I hope one day someone like me can help someone like you.

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