Behavioral Health program

Florida Drug Rehab Program and Florida Drug Alcohol Rehab, Treatment Center

Located on a campus environment, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a fully licensed, accredited drug rehab center and medical detox. Behavioral Health successfully treats drug dependency, alcohol problems and mood disorders. Length of stay is variable, up to 90 days, depending on the individual.

Multi-dimensional Approach

Behavioral Health’s drug and alcohol rehab utilizes a multi-phase, 12-step, clinically oriented approach. At Behavioral Health, treatment and rehab includes considerable one to one counseling, group therapy, lectures, exercise, nutrition, discussion sessions as well as appropriate activities.

Mood Disorders

People with drug dependency problems often use alcohol or chemicals to self medicate undiagnosed or improperly treated issues. Behavioral Health drug rehab has built a reputation for successfully treating co-occurring conditions, such as attention deficit, depression and bi-polar disorder.

Success Rate

The vast majority of those who complete this program are still abstinent one year after graduation. Behavioral Health’s outstanding rate of success is the direct result of applying the proper therapy while treating each person as a unique individual.

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