History of Cocaine

The natives of this region used the coca leaves as a stimulant. The effect of intake was increased breathing, which led to higher intake of oxygen. Given the tough environmental conditions, namely thin air at high altitudes, the laborers were able to carry out their physical activities with more stamina. Gradually, the powerful stimulating effects …

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Ecstasy addiction

Ecstasy Addiction

The wholesale cost of Ecstasy in Georgia varies between $3 and $15 per pill and the retail price varies between $8 (Atlanta) and $25 (Savannah). Ecstasy is readily available in Atlanta’s nightclubs, “Rave” parties, and concerts that target the younger population. Another concern to Delaware law enforcement officials is the availability of various drugs to …

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Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – August 1 Week

1. Women’s addiction treatment center to open in October in South Charleston A new women’s addiction treatment center is opening in a familiar spot in South Charleston. Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare will be housed at the old Rock Lake Pool. Locals may also remember it as a mini-golf course after the pool closed years ago.( 2. …

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