alcoholabusehelpline Weekly Roundup | december 1st Week

1.Freeport hospital invests in battling drug addiction and mental illness

FHN Memorial is adding on. The new Crisis Stabilization Center will serve as a special unit to help people facing substance abuse or a behavioral crisis.(mystateline)

2.Kentucky’s fight against drug addiction must include help from criminal justice system

At a moment when many people are finding it difficult to see eye-to-eye with their fellow Kentuckians, there’s one thing we all can agree on: we must keep fighting to end addiction in the commonwealth.(nkytribune)

3.Treatment for drug addiction – how do patients cope in lockdown?

There are encouraging signs that people in treatment for drug addiction can manage their medication when they are entrusted with a substantial quantity(bristol)

4.Support available for mental health, drug addiction services

When sharing good news and helpful information about our work with the United Council on Opioids, it’s important to include recent events and upcoming opportunities.(newsbug)

5.Anachronistic ‘war on drugs’

In 2018, a year after he came to power, the N Biren Singh government launched a “war on drugs” to curb trafficking, illicit crop cultivation and consumption.(thestatesman)

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