Alcoholabuse Weekly Roundup| July 5 Week

1.Safe drug supply vital to save lives

The dehumanizing tone by the author of “Safe drug supply pilot will be disastrous” is both sad and upsetting. He repeatedly refers to folks struggling with drug addiction as “junkies” and claims that running a safe drug supply pilot will increase crime by drawing more drug users to our area.(

2.Mysterious brain structure sheds light on drug addiction

Do you remember where you were when you first heard that two planes had crashed into New York’s Twin Towers? Or where you had your first kiss? Our brains are wired to retain information that relates to the context in which highly significant events occurred.(mediexpress)

3.Drug addiction is Delta’s dirty little secret that’s definitely worth talking about

It was late afternoon and I was driving out of the Thrifty Foods parking lot. A middle-aged man dressed in black jeans was walking awkwardly down the sidewalk.


4.Premier John Horgan apologizes, says he misspoke on comments about drug addiction

B.C. set a new record of 175 overdose deaths in June, surpassing the record just set in May and about 5,000 people have died since the province declared a public health emergency in 2016.(pricegeorgematters)

5.Crucial meetings to fight drug addiction halted because of virus

Mandatory drug-addiction programs for offenders have been suspended because of the novel coronavirus, raising concerns that the already high recidivism rate could rise further and lead to possible probation violations.(

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