Alcoholabuse Helpline Weekly Roundup | october 1st Week

1.Some Health Workers Suffering From Addiction Steal Drugs Meant For Patients

When Kristin Waite-Labott, a nurse in Wisconsin, began stealing fentanyl and morphine from her hospital’s medical supply cabinets, she found it was relatively easy to cover her tracks.(

2. Celebrating National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

The road to recovery is a journey where bonds are formed. Tracey Price (Left) worked with Nicole Davis as she battled the aftermath of her addiction. Kristy Bock / Neuse News(neusenews)

3. First Presidential Debate Includes Drug Use Claims, COVID-19, And Addiction

The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden covered topics such as COVID-19, the economy, and race and violence in American cities.(addictioncenter)

4.Melania Trump releases a video praising her fight against substance abuse days after the president mocked Hunter Biden’s drug addiction

Jim Carroll, the White House director of drug control policy ..(businessinsider)

5.Transitional housing opens for women recovering from drug addiction

Friday was a special day for those in the Benton County Drug Court, marked with a ribbon cutting on a packed porch.(nwahomwpage)

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