Alcoholabuse helpline Weekly Roundup | August 2 Week

1. UK Drug Situation: Annual Report of the Focal Point on Drugs

The proportion of 16-59-year-olds in England and Wales who took drugs in the last year currently stands at 9.4 per cent, shows the UK drug situation 2019: Focal Point annual report.(medscape)

2. Smoking Addiction May Lead To Higher Health Risks Including Cancer: Study

The links between heavier smoking and emphysema, heart disease, pneumonia and respiratory cancers were particularly high, but the researchers also found associations with many other respiratory diseases, renal failure, septicaemia, eye disorders, and complications of surgery or medical procedures. (

3. Online Treatment, Virtual Check-Ins: Dealing With Addiction In A Pandemic

We look at addiction and substance abuse during the coronavirus pandemic and the resources available to those who are suffering.(wbur)

4. India’s High Demand for Drugs in Lockdown Is Making Dealers Take More Risks

Since the enforcement of lockdown, India’s drug busts are seeing higher quantities of opium and marijuana as dealers attempt to smuggle drugs through creative ways. (vice)

5. Sereno Ridge Recovery turning mountaintop mansion into a treatment center

A large showplace home in the north Alabama mountains is being transformed into a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.(al)

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