Alcohol Abuse Helpline Weekly Roundup | october 3rd Week

1.Jake Arther Jail can make drug addiction worse. Oregon decriminalizing hard drugs can break the cycle.

Drugs are often rampant in U.S. prisons. I’ve worked with addicts who get incarcerated for possessing small amounts of meth and leave knowing how to cook it.(nbcnews)

2.Experts Say Attack On Hunter Biden’s Addiction Deepens Stigma For Millions

“Hunter got thrown out of the military,” Trump said of the former vice president’s son. “He was thrown out, dishonorably discharged, for cocaine use.”(

3.This Addiction Treatment Works. Why Is It So Underused?

Steven Kelty had been addicted to crack cocaine for 32 years when he tried a different kind of treatment last year, one so basic in concept that he was skeptical.(nytimes)

4.The Epigenetic Secrets Behind Dopamine, Drug Addiction and Depression

As I opened my copy of Science at home one night, an unfamiliar word in the title of a new study caught my eye: dopaminylation(quantamagazine)

5.In darkness of pandemic, Wyandotte man’s drug addiction got worse — and then deadly

Drug use has increased since the coronavirus began. More than 13% of adults surveyed in a federal study said they have increased drugs or alcohol use.(

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