Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup | May 4th Week

1. New Addiction Recovery Center Opening In Madisonville

Officials with BrightView’s Madisonville addiction treatment center say they can serve more than 700 area residents.

They say the center adds more than 20 full-time jobs to the area.

“We’re pleased to work with the Madisonville community to save lives and bring hope to the region by treating addiction compassionately and effectively using evidence-based techniques,” said Dr. Shawn Ryan, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of BrightView. (

2. Colorado Addiction Recovery Nonprofit Has Catalytic Converters Stolen Off 6 Vehicles

Catalytic converter thefts have plagued parts of Colorado for months, and now a nonprofit is among the many that have become victims.

The Stout Street Foundation houses and helps those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. On Sunday, May 2, five of its 15-passenger vans and a box truck had their catalytic converters stolen. A seventh vehicle was left with a damaged catalytic converter. (

3. Only One Use For Opioid Funds – To Fight Addiction

Drug overdoses have increased as much as 44 percent in several New York counties in the past year. The social isolation, lack of access to treatment, and increase in fentanyl supply have exacerbated the dire addiction crisis. (

4. New Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center For Women Opens In Oconomowoc

A residential drug and alcohol treatment center that will provide hope for women has opened in Oconomowoc.

Bethany Christian Services, a nonprofit organization supporting vulnerable children and families in the U.S. and around the world, opened the Bethany Recovery Center at 1331 W. Capitol Drive in early May. According to the organization, the program provides specialized case management and peer-to-peer support services for women. (

5. Ask Tammy Lofink: Emotional Turmoil Of Addiction For Loved Ones Can Be Overwhelming

Tammy Lofink answers commonly-asked questions about addiction and recovery within the community. Lofink is president of Rising Above Addiction, in Westminster, and runs two sober homes for women, called Reclaiming My Life and Keeping My Serenity. She lost her son in 2014 to a drug overdose and has since worked with people who suffer from addiction, including drugs and alcohol. (

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