Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup | June 1st Week

1. Chico woman’s addiction recovery tweet goes viral

Chico, Calif. — A Northstate women’s tweet has gone viral with almost half a million likes on Twitter after sharing she made the dean’s list at Chico State while also celebrating almost five years of her sobriety. (

2.Chrissy Strong Gets Raw About Her Addiction, Recovery on Debut EP ‘Bones’

Singer-songwriter Chrissy Strong spent 2020 getting serious about her music after focusing for years on her sobriety.

She said moving from Ashtabula to Akron’s Highland Square neighborhood allowed her to immerse herself in the local music scene and make new connections that have elevated her as a musician. (

3. Local addiction recovery organizations partner to offer NARCAN, training to community members

Emphasizing the importance of utilizing community collaborations, the Mountaineer Recovery Center and the Berkeley County Community Outreach for Resources and Education (CORE) team are offering free NARCAN and training today in hopes of better arming those battling addiction and their loved ones against overdose deaths. (

4.Pandemic Highlights Importance Of Addiction Recovery Community, Programs

March 2020 was an uncertain time for everyone. But it was especially stressful for Christy Crowder.

“The number one thing that we tell people when they get in recovery [is] find a support system, find a recovery community,” said Crowder, director of the Wabash Valley Recovery Center in Terre Haute. “And all that went away really quickly when the pandemic hit.” (

5.Meth Addiction Is Nearly Impossible To Break, But New Interventions Are On The Horizon

Experts fear that the isolation and trauma of the pandemic will only worsen the spread and stigma of substance use disorders and addiction.

But in the Veterans Affairs health care system, psychologists are using a new intervention that has had great success in treating one of the most difficult addictions to break: methamphetamine. (

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