Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup | July 4th Week

State Attorneys General Reach A $26 Billion National Opioid Settlement

A bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general announced on Wednesday a $26 billion national settlement with drugmaker Johnson & Johnson and three companies that distributed opioid painkillers even as addiction and overdose deaths skyrocketed. (

The 15 Best Mental Health Books of 2021

Books are more than just comfort. They can be a portal to different worlds, a bridge to a new past or future, an outpost for philosophies, and a support system for times of need. (

What if America tackled its opioid crisis?

Kamala Harris’s administration is getting serious about tackling deaths from drug overdoses. It is a problem with deep roots. An imagined scenario from 2025. (

Addiction treatment had failed. Could brain surgery save him?

After nearly two decades of hardcore drug addiction after overdoses and rehabs and relapses, homelessness, and dead friends and ruined lives Gerod Buckhalter had one choice left, and he knew it. (

Racial disparities in opioid addiction treatment: a primer and research roundup

The story of how systemic racism took root in policy and addiction treatment dates back to the 1800s. Disparities persist today in the prescription of methadone and buprenorphine. Here’s what history and research reveal. (

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