Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 4 Week

1.A Brighter Tomorrow – Addiction

The APA says people with addiction develop an intense focus on certain substances to the point that it takes over their lives. Experts say changes in the brain’s wiring causes people to have cravings for these substances and is what makes it so hard to stop using.(komu)

2.Drug and Alcohol Addiction Center Rancho Milagro Recovery

There’s Never a Bad Time to Do Something Good Is there ever a wrong time to get treatment? When it comes to substance abuse, any opportunity to get treatment and change our lives is one we should always take.(prnewswire)

3.Utah actor and producer on addiction recovery

Thirteen years have passed since Utah actor and producer, Michael Birkeland, hit his “rock bottom” and now he’s using his past to help others start their own road to recovery. (fm100)

4.A New Website Helps People Find And Assess Addiction Treatment

Massachusetts is one of six states launching an online tool designed to help people find addiction treatment. The national nonprofit Shatterproof created the website known as ATLAS, an Addiction Treatment Locator, Assessment and Standards platform.(

5.The Relationship Between Juul Dependence and Perceived Addiction

A recent study collecting data from a large, southwestern college in the US, aimed the determine the relationship between the participants’’ self-reported addiction and measured JUUL dependence.(vapingpost)

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