Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup | July 2nd Week

1. State poised to become first to pilot drug injection sites

Rhode Island is poised to become the first state to authorize so-called harm reduction centers where people dealing with addiction can take heroin and other illegal drugs under the supervision of medical professionals. (

2. How Medicaid Is Changing and Expanding Under President Biden

Biden administration is introducing programs to help people in the so-called “coverage gap” in states that haven’t adopted Medicaid expansion plans. (

3. Jockeying starts over how to spend $5b in federal aid

CHRIS CARLOZZI, state director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, wants at least $1 billion. That’s what he thinks the government should spend to help replenish the unemployment insurance trust fund, so businesses don’t have to spend 20 years paying off debts incurred due to government-forced shutdowns. (

4. Addiction recovery center takes over old college campus as overdose deaths skyrocket

SPRINGFIELD, Ky. (WAVE) – After sitting vacant for more than four years, the old St. Catharine College campus has new life in the form of an addiction recovery facility. (

5. First City Recovery Center opens, offers treatment for drug addiction, mental health issues

Kokomo native Dan Metz left his hometown a little more than half a decade ago for Florida to get clean and turn his life around. (

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