Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup | August 1st Week

1. Why not locate drug injection centers in hospitals?

There has been much debate in recent weeks about the merits, legal, planning, or otherwise of the High Court’s ruling to overturn the decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant planning permission for the country’s first legal drug injection center at Dublin’s Merchant’s Quay. (

2. Governor Wolf Signs 15th Opioid Disaster Declaration

Governor Tom Wolf today signed the 15th renewal of his January 2018 opioid disaster declaration to help the state fight the opioid and heroin epidemic. This opioid disaster declaration will last 21-days or until the General Assembly takes action to extend the declaration by August 26. (

3. Expert Says New Buprenorphine Rule Will Transform Opioid Addiction Treatment

The Biden administration is making it easier to prescribe medication to help people with opioid addiction. The drug is called buprenorphine. It reduces relapses and overdose deaths and curbs withdrawal symptoms. (

4. Drug use among older persons a ‘hidden epidemic’, narcotics experts warn

Drug use among older people globally has risen in recent years and countries must act to address this “hidden epidemic”, the International Narcotics Control Board said in its annual report, issued on Thursday. (

5. What Popular Culture Misunderstands About Addiction

Much of the film and TV we consume misleads audiences with inaccurate and harmful depictions of recovery and treatment. (

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