Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – August 1 Week

1. Women’s addiction treatment center to open in October in South Charleston

A new women’s addiction treatment center is opening in a familiar spot in South Charleston. Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare will be housed at the old Rock Lake Pool. Locals may also remember it as a mini-golf course after the pool closed years ago.(

2. A New Bike Store Helps Former Drug Users Beat the Cycle of Addiction

“We believe that if you invest in job opportunities, you get a social return,” says Stuart Fraser in his Scottish accent, speaking on the phone last Friday. For the last 25 years, Fraser has been working in healthcare and social enterprise between Scotland, England, and Ireland. (

3. “I’m not addicted!” Kids have a right to play – even digitally

Children adopt the word “addicted” to describe a game as fun or to say how long they played it. But adults use it as a pathology – and that can harm kids. (

4. Unhealthy Coping: Alcohol and Drug Use

There is no question that these are unprecedented times that have affected routines, stress-levels, and brought unforeseen challenges. It is logical that people may be turning to substances as a form of coping, seeking to dampen or heighten a certain emotion. There are some key questions to consider when determining if these practices have become unhealthy. (

5. Drug addiction spirals out of control as pandemic ravages already-fragile communities

Christina Pericone said she did everything she could to keep her brother, Travis McClish into things like fishing, music, and work. Instead, he fell in and out of a cycle of drug addiction. For five years, she struggled to encourage him to do anything but dope. (

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